Choosing the perfect perfume is not an easy task, I don’t think it is, and with all the amazing fragrances on the market, it’s definitely not an easy decision! When it comes to buying the perfect scent, there are several things to know and take into account in addition to your scent preferences.

What you may not know about fragrances is that you can choose from four different types of "perfume", each with a different concentration of fragrance. There is eau de toilette, eau de parfum, cologne and then a spray.

Let's start with the Eau De Toilette. These are usually a weaker blend in comparison to an eau de pafume or spray, the concentration of these are usually between 5% and 15%.  This is ideal for  you if you want a great scent without it being too overpowering.  Keep in mind this will not last as long as a eau de parfum, so if you are looking for something to last all day long, continue on to eau de parfum.

Eau De Parfum perfumes are the most common that you will come across. The concentration of t hese are between 15% and 20%, which means the concentration of the scent is going to stronger and linger for a longer period of time.

Now let's move onto an eau de cologne, very commonly confused with eau de toilette because they share a similar concentration percentage.  Aromatically, however, an eau de cologne is weaker, with a concentration of around 3% to 8%.  This is perfect for someone looking for a hint of a scent rather than something strong and longer lasting.

Finally, you have sprays, which are the weakest fragrances in their category.  The compounds are typically 1% and 3% and because of this, you will find these are the most inexpensive.  Sprays are refreshing and do not last nearly as long as an eau de toilette or eau de parfum.
Which perfume preference do you take?

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