Women's bags in a business style

Women's bags in a business style

Modern women's business style managed to get rid of monotony and facelessness. This is not surprising: a woman spends most of the daylight hours in the office, and therefore uniforms give way to elegant ensembles in the wardrobe. Not all women have a delicate sense of taste and measure to follow the principles of the dress code in an attempt to distinguish themselves from the crowd. A bag is one of the few business accessories that is allowed to express the individuality of its owner.

It is no secret that the level of well-being, and hence the success of commercial activity, is also the first to give out a bag. Therefore, going to a conference or business meeting, you should pay special attention to the choice of a bag.
Models of women's bags in a business style

The main principle of a business bag is rigor and orderly spaciousness, providing each item, from a diary to a cosmetic bag, with its own personal place. After all, a business meeting does not involve turning its contents inside out in search of a ringing phone or a fountain pen. As a rule, models of women's business bags come down to the concept of a handheld bag, or a bag for carrying in hands with one or two short handles. There are several main models in this category:

- Kelly bag, Kelly bag - a feminine variation on the theme of a trapezoid-shaped briefcase with an obligatory accent on the lock;
- Structured, or frame bag - a frame bag that retains its shape both empty and filled. As a rule, the model is equipped with a zipper and a minimum of decorative elements;
- Satchel bag - a bag, similar in shape and type of fasteners to a satchel (from the English. satchel - knapsack). Not too strict, convenient for folders and documents, such a bag is popular with middle-level office workers;
– Tote bag is a voluminous bag that was originally invented for shopping, and then made its way into business circles. From the prototype in the business variation, only roominess, strict cut geometry and an inconspicuous fastener remained. The business tote bag has acquired rigidity and organization of the internal space.
Icare Maxi Shopping bag in QUILTED LAMBSKIN black
Business bag colors

The color scheme of the business bag is devoid of any expression. But this does not mean that only conservative black, brown and white colors are acceptable. Today, the business dress code also favors shades of blue, purple, and emerald. The hitch can only be that the business bag must still be expensive, because it gives out a non-verbal certificate about its owner in the first minutes of the meeting. And not every woman can afford to buy several branded bags of different colors, in harmony with each of the business ensembles of clothes. Therefore, the majority stops at one, solid and suitable for all costumes - black or brown.

Material without compromise

The material from which a business bag is made plays perhaps even a greater role than its color. There can be no compromise here: fabric or vinyl. A bag for business life should be leather or a quality substitute - recycled or pressed leather. Today they have learned how to make the latter so skillfully that only a specialist can distinguish it from genuine leather. Reptile skin will be a special accent - one of the main trends of today's fashion.

LE 57 Hobo Bag in QUILTED Lambskin black

Functional decor

It is the unencumbered decor that distinguishes a business bag from an everyday one. Nevertheless, modern fashion designers consider a “naked” bag to be boring, devoid of femininity. Therefore, today this business accessory allows the presence of small metal parts, but only functional ones - fasteners, buckles. Discreet decorative elements from the main material will soften the harsh look of the briefcase and add femininity.

The choice of a business women's bag is not easy, because due to the norms that make up the business style, it carries not only a functional load. It is the bag that evokes the association of stability and prosperity that is able to get a credit of trust for its owner - the key to a successful transaction or negotiations.

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