What Does Your Handbag Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Handbag Say About Your Personality?

Nobody knows us better than our handbags. They are what we make of them and what we put in them. For this reason, there is a large number of handbags - precisely because there are countless types of women.

Centuries ago, women were attached to their homes and spent their days in household chores. There was never any real reason for the wife or mother to leave the house, and when she did, she stuffed her belongings into her clothes.

Dramatic times and political movements led to women finally leaving the house to go to work or school. In addition, women enjoyed travel for themselves, especially when boat and train trips became very popular with the women. As a result, fashionable luggage and handbags sprouted onto the market and became a practical (and beautiful) way for women to carry their belongings with them. The handbag experienced a boom.

Handbags are now coveted accessories that have mutated into a fashion statement on the catwalk and on the street. They represent a woman's survival kit - from makeup to disinfectant - with the help of her purse she can handle whatever life throws at her.

And the best part? Women never physically grow out of their handbags, but in order to be together for a long time, either the wearer has to be particularly careful or the handbag has to be of excellent quality. And although the wardrobe is full of bags, we usually always reach for the same pieces.

If clothes make men, handbags definitely make women. For example, someone is a notorious carrier of an oversized tote bag. It just feels so satisfying to always be prepared in any situation. If someone has gotten blisters, she can help out with a selection of plasters from her practical handbag. Does anyone suffer from a headache? No problem, she has a whole first aid kit with her. And the mere thought of going anywhere without a water bottle instantly dries up her throat.

Our handbags say a lot about our personality. In the following article, we get to the bottom of the handbag whisper.

A tote bag person

Whole life can be stowed away in the great depths of this XL handbag. From laptops to books to practical little things like handkerchiefs, cosmetic bags, and pre-cut pieces of apple in a tin. And who knows, maybe you'll still need the sports shoes if the chic shoe pinches again at the meeting. You're the type of woman who likes to be prepared for anything.

Losing control throws you off balance despite constantly losing your front door key in the oversized pocket. But in an obscure way, you're wonderfully organized.

Your purse may not be the cleanest, but everyone is constantly grateful for the little things you carry with you. In your cosmetics bag, which you always keep in your bag, there are not only the tweezers just in case, but also nail scissors and a toenail clipper - you have everything ready.

Good news: you don't have to give up your love for big bags, but you can make life a little easier for yourself.  Once a week (e.g., on Saturday), make it a point to empty your purse of accumulated garbage, wash the dirty socks that have found their way there, and remove the used cosmetic swabs from your makeup bag. If necessary, vacuum the inside of your purse and remove any external stains, if any.

The chic shoulder bag person

You are bursting with self-confidence and structure motivates you. Maybe you are a passionate multitasker? Every lipstick and every key has its place in your fresh and very clean handbag. Spontaneity is not one of your strengths because you follow a strict schedule. If sport was not planned, then no fitness course is attended spontaneously - the pretty bag is at best not stained.

You are the boss, a #girlboss. Women look up to you and you are everything the oversized tote bag lady hopes to be.

Being organized through and through is fun for you most of the time. But every now and then you long for a little spontaneity and liberation from your usual and so predictable behavior pattern. It doesn't have to be a big issue. Small is fine enough.

It's enough to get away from the eternally blue or beige color of the handbag and try something "daring". Whether crazy in pink, fresh and eye-catching in neon green, or maybe military camouflage. There is no limit to your imagination. Dare, you will realize what a big impact such a seemingly small thing will have on you.

But don't overdo this play with color: make sure the straps are a different color than the body of the handbag, or you'll quickly become overkill. It's like choosing between bright lipstick and bright eye make-up—both are simply too much of a good thing.

The regular shoulder bag person

You are a free spirit, funny, easy-going, and successful. You are the type of woman who values ​​the versatility of your handbag. The bag should be suitable for going out in the evening, but also look serious enough in the office in the morning.

You're not afraid of spontaneity, but your loved ones can always count on you to have a tissue, mint, or lip balm in your purse.

You are actually satisfied with your shoulder bag, but sometimes it rubs too much on the good jeans, the jeans discolor the bag, cleaning the bags costs a lot of money in the long run and you have already messed up a bag by washing it yourself. What now?

Buy a shoulder bag made of sturdy but soft leather that is easy to clean on the outside. The material should also be able to withstand the constant chafing against your pants or skirt. Make sure the handbag has a wide strap that doesn't cut so deeply into your shoulder if the bag has to carry a little more weight.


The clutch person

You are trendy, confident, and very strong-willed. You liven up any party and your friend’ list is almost as long as the rod in your closet - and it's huge! You love variety in your life and your friends can always count on you to talk them into the VIP area of ​​any club.

You are an impulsive free spirit and have the art of being enviably resilient. You absolutely agree on the way you are and you know what you want and aren't afraid to get it, one clutch at a time.

You pretty much got the efficiency talent when it comes to handbags. Credit card here, smartphone there, and of course your favorite lipstick should not be missing. Your clutch has to endure a lot and, above all, it should remain tightly closed and not open accidentally. Your most valuable possession is hidden in this small bag and should definitely stay inside.

So when buying your clutch, make sure that the closure is not a cheap clip-on, but really tight. When dancing, your clutch should also be able to cope with sweaty hands, be easy to clean and not expand unnecessarily in high temperatures in the club. 



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