The versatile Gucci Dionysus bag we're crazy about

The versatile Gucci Dionysus bag we're crazy about

 History of the thing

The Dionysus bag first appeared on the runway in 2015 at the Gucci Fall/Winter show. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the fashion house (who, by the way, used to work as a senior accessories designer at Fendi), is to thank for the hard trapezoid accessory, which has become a classic of the Italian brand.

When creating the Dionysus bag, the author was inspired by the love story of the ancient Greek god of pleasure Dionysus for the beautiful nymph Alfesibea: an inhabitant of Olympus turned into a tiger in order to carry his beloved across the river. As you understand, this is where the massive horseshoe clasp with two tiger heads comes from.


To date

A versatile rectangular shape, the Gucci Dionysus bag is available in suede, python, crocodile, or fabric with the iconic Gucci monogram. Separate bags are decorated with spectacular application in the form of bees and birds. Thanks to a neat chain, you can wear it on your shoulder, and one of the bag variations has a waist belt.

Today, the Gucci Dionysus bag is used to create everyday looks. Look how good she looks with a plain flowing dress, and with trousers with arrows, and with a voluminous coat. Yes, if there is a thing that fits everything, then it is definitely Gucci Dionysus


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