Perfumes for athletes from Taste the LUXE

The choice of perfume for the athlete
After analyzing the above requirements for perfumery for an athlete, re-reading a huge number of Western athletic forums, we found the optimal solution.

The best choice of perfume for an athlete would be the Molecule series from Escentric Molecules. And that's why:
All perfumes of the Molecules line are universal and belong to the unisex category. That means it suits both men and women.
Spirits Molecule on each person sound differently. The aroma depends on the athlete's own scent. Therefore, it is applied directly to the skin. Perfume will not smell like anything on clothes.
Perfume Molecule is very persistent. Applying it in the morning after a shower, the fragrance will last until the evening. Opening and playing will please its owner.
The cost of Molecule perfume is comparable to the price of ordinary perfume from the mass market.
At the moment, there are already four different Molecules perfumes with different mononotes. It is quite enough for the athlete to choose the flavor that suits him.