Santal 33 Legend. Best-seller. Desired gift. Taste the LUXE

Santal 33 Legend. Best-seller. Desired gift. Taste the LUXE

He owes his worldwide popularity to only one person - Olivia Fleming, who wrote an article about him in The New-York Times magazine "That Perfume You Smell Everywhere Is Santal 33".

The composition has an unusual sound. Natural sandalwood essential oil itself smells rather inexpressive, too weak and thin, but its enveloping, muting effect is known to everyone who has worked with it at least once. However, in Santal 33 there seems to be no natural sandalwood, and the semantic accord is built on the union of synthetic materials.

Frank Völkl (he created all the main fragrances for the brand) enhanced and slightly modified with something reminiscent of vetiver and a note of leather. The skin here is classic, isobutylquinoline, but there is just so much of it and it is so neatly woven into the overall canvas that it seems to be a harmonious and even integral continuation of the main theme. The floral part, which, by the way, I personally could not identify (as often happens with sandalwood chords), is supplemented by cardamom and violet leaf. It is they, in combination with some components of the rose, that can resemble the smell of cucumber pickle. And this is the main reason why Santal 33 is not understood and not loved.

For those who are lucky enough not to feel the salty-dill-cucumber smell, Santal 33 is comfortable to wear - it is unobtrusive for the owner, but leaves behind an incredible trail of beauty. It wants to be inhaled and unraveled. The fragrance offers a niche sound that you won't find on the shelves of chain stores, and a luxury quality that you almost won't find in niche brands.

Taste the LUXE :-)

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