Steps to recognize a fake counterfeit bag

Real Chanel or Fake? 8 Steps to Detect a Counterfeit Handbag

Have you ever held a counterfeit designer handbag in your hands? Or better yet, do you know if you've ever held one in your hand? It is often not easy to recognize these at online auctions, at the flea market or in the second-hand shop. The quality of the fakes is constantly increasing, often they can hardly be distinguished from the original. TASTE THE LUXE has tips on how you can still unmask counterfeits.

1. The material

Most original designer handbags are made from high quality leather, often cow or deer. This is heavier than faux leather and will darken with rain, sun and everyday use.

Handles and handles also tend to get greasy. This is often not the case with fake leatherette handbags. Better fakes are made of inferior leather, for example from sheep, which can be recognized by the strong smell.

It may sound strange, but it is effective: pick up the bag, close your eyes. Feel the leather and smell it. This gives you a feeling for the quality of the product. The reason: You can smell glue and plastic so easily.

2. The seams

Pay attention to the number and quality of the seams. These are not broken or uneven in the originals, nor are they made of different colored threads. In addition, most originals consist of a few pieces of leather. The underside, for example, usually consists of a complete piece of leather and therefore has no seams.

Caution: Even if everything looks real at first glance, take a look inside the bag. Fake handbags are often not so well made on the inside, compared to the outside.

3. The processing of metal elements

Great importance is attached to this in the manufacture of luxury bags: The metal elements must be very well processed and function without problems, the same applies to the zippers.

A word of advice: YKK brand zippers are not used in the manufacture of designer bags.

4. The logo

Original logos are usually not cut and do not disappear in a seam. But of course: Even with originals there are exceptions.

Also, check the monogram like the famous intertwined double C (for Coco Chanel), LV or GG. Are the letters evenly spaced or is the coating applied evenly? With counterfeit handbags, the color usually runs out and/or is applied in small dots.

5. Brand-specific features

Is there a date stamp or serial number? Let them show you. In the case of originals, serial numbers are usually written together - in the case of many counterfeits, they contain spaces. At Louis Vuitton, for example, the article/serial number consists of two letters and four digits: the letters indicate where the bag was manufactured, the digits indicate when. The first and third digits stand for the month, the second and fourth for the year of manufacture.

Depending on the label, also pay attention to special features. Marc Jacobs, for example, has embossed “Lampo” or “RiRi” on all zips.

6. The evidence

Are receipts, invoices, certificates of authenticity, etc. available? Do these also correspond to the requirements of the fashion house in terms of font and design? Are the original box and dust bag included?

If these points are met, it is still not 100% certain of an original piece, but more likely.

Important: Originals are never covered with foil or packed in plastic.

7. The origin

Beware of bargains! Unlike Prada or Burberry, Louis Vuitton products are not available in duty-free or outlet stores. Most designer brands would never offer second rate products. These mostly come from dubious productions. If in doubt, keep your hands off it.

8. Check out the original online

If you're still unsure, check the designer label's official website. Is the bag you want also in the range there? If so, check specific features such as lettering, pattern, and color as best you can.

Most labels even offer a service that gives precise information about the differences between original and counterfeit handbags based on the model. In addition, a number of forums, blogs or sites deal with this topic.

In order to be 100% sure, unfortunately only one thing helps: Don't buy your handbag on the side of the road, but rather from the official dealer or in reputable designer online shops such as TASTE THE LUXE.

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