Niche fragrances (loose): TOP 5 from Taste the LUXE

Niche fragrances (loose): TOP 5 from Taste the LUXE

There are three directions in the global perfume business: mass market, luxury and selective (niche) fragrances. Niche perfumes are considered the most valuable in the world of perfumery, because they are exclusive and only rare noble components are included in the author's compositions.

Selective perfumes cannot be called “for everyone” fragrances, because they have a specific sound. Especially when it comes to niche perfumes, trailing ones.

The trail of aroma is like an aftertaste for any dish. The mood of the whole composition depends on the intensity of the plume notes. And the richer the plume, the more persistent and deep the perfume turns out.

If you are looking for "your" fragrance, start with popular proven selective brands. Our experts have collected the TOP selective trailing perfumes. Consider the nuances of these compositions in more detail.


The Blazing Mr. Sam Eau de Parfum

The main motives in the perfume pyramid are a mix of warm oriental spices, which runs through the entire composition with invisible threads. Starting its journey at the top of the triangle with notes of fragrant cardamom and noble cinnamon, it opens in the heart with a fiery explosion of a bouquet of bitter-spicy cumin, precious saffron and sharp nuances of black pepper.


The Portraits The Impudent Cousin Matthew Eau De Parfum

 The perfume is inimitable, it combines juicy citrus accords of sunny mandarin and gentle oriental accents of mysterious, spicy patchouli.



Blanche Eau de Parfum


 This perfume gives a feeling of lightness to the composition, there are shades of fragrant orange blossom, forest violets and sweetish peony. And in the enveloping trail sound warm and sensual sandalwood-musky accents.


INTERLUDE Eau de Parfum Interlude

 A fresh musky-floral fragrance with bitterness is replaced by a multifaceted central chord. It is formed by warm sweetish-woody shades of sandalwood and opoponax, immortelle spice, orange blossom astringency. The base contains notes of benzoin, oakmoss, tonka bean, leather. The fragrance belongs to the group of floral-chypre.


The Inimitable William Eau de Parfum

Sweet sandalwood, dry sensual ambroxan and delicate jasmine, sprinkled with fresh bergamot juice, give the composition a special depth.

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