How to Choose a Perfume Online in 2022

How to Choose a Perfume Online in 2022

Would you like to choose the right perfume? We took a look around the perfumeries to present you with top tips for choosing the best perfume online.

 2022 is in full bloom. How about a new perfume? Even if you already have a certain favorite perfume, sometimes you need a very special scent for very special moments. A bit of variety is good for everyone, and that also applies to your favorite scent. After all, we want to keep surprising our counterparts, perhaps with a new beguiling fragrance that will accompany you in 2022. With so many perfumes, how to choose?

Choosing a perfume online: Know the theory

If you wonder how to choose a perfume online, don’t lose your sense of direction. It never hurts to be familiar with the technical terms. It’s better to be able to better describe the potential favorite perfume to the sales consultant or a person in online support of your favorite store.

And don't worry: It doesn't have to be complicated terms like "labdanum" (a honey-like scent) or "agrumen" (scents from the citrus family). The following three basics, also called the pyramid of a perfume, are sufficient:

First of all, when you smell the top note, which disappears in the first few minutes and makes room for the heart note. It forms the main character of a perfume that remains on the skin for many hours. Sometimes flowery and fresh, sometimes fruity, maritime, or spicy. At the very end, the base note unfolds, which consists of the heaviest fragrance molecules such as patchouli or cedar. In other words, if a perfume in the store first smells like vanilla, which you love, but then shortly afterward like rose, which you don't like, it's not the right scent.


How to choose a perfume online: Important expert tips

  1. When choosing perfume, it's also not a good idea to try a large number of perfumes. In fact, our sense of smell can only distinguish six scents in the same session, so they must be very different from each other.
  2. Ideally, try a maximum of three fragrances at the same time when choosing perfume. As you test more, your nose loses the ability to smell differences between scents. That's why you could go wrong and mistakenly buy a fragrance that you might not like later.
  3. Don't choose a perfume based on the scent it has when you smell it in the bottle. The scent of perfume only comes into its own when it comes into contact with your skin. Spray a perfume, just a small amount, on your wrist and smell it after a while.
  4. Choosing a perfume can seem like an impossible task. So you have to take your time to make a decision. After all, this is a scent that will follow you day and night! However, making a decision without despair can be difficult. That's why we want to show you the most important things to think about when buying your perfume.

  1. As obvious as it may seem, don't wear perfume when choosing a new scent: the fragrance you bring from home will get in the way when you try others. How to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry is a whole new science.
  2. Although you are looking for a perfume, try the cologne version instead, but always use paper strips or mini bottles. If you're testing it on your skin, all you need is two or three drops on your wrist, and then wait for a little before smelling it.
  3. Never rub perfume and most importantly, take a break if you notice your sense of smell is overwhelmed. It is best to smell coffee granules when choosing perfume.
  4. Your skin can also become saturated. Therefore, apply the second fragrance as far away from the first as possible, preventing them from interfering with each other.
  5. Although it can be challenging to plan, avoid eating spicy foods or herbs before choosing perfumes: they affect the skin's sweat.
  6. Finally, the smell changes according to each person's chemistry, so you must like the scent on your skin, not someone else's.

Choosing a fragrance online? Top tip for you

Buying perfume online can be a smart move, but first try it in the store, where you can sniff it across the shelves when you choose a new perfume.

But this is where the crux lies because there is often such a heavy cloud of scent in the perfume stores department that your nose can hardly differentiate. Therefore, it is essential to go to the shop's door with a few test strips and let the new scent work on you there.

How to choose a perfume: Spend a day with it.

Let's assume you don't immediately fall in love with a unique perfume when you go to the store: take a few test strips, stow them in different pocket compartments and sniff them in everyday situations. For example, at lunch with friends or on the sofa watching Netflix in the evening. At the end of the day, it is usually very clear which fragrance is the right one.

In the last step, you should respray your favorite in the shop on classic pulse points such as the wrist, wait about half an hour until the scents have fully unfolded, and then make the final decision.

Necessary: Never rub your wrists together. This destroys the scent molecules, and the scent immediately loses intensity.

Ready? So now you know you're choosing the perfume that's perfect for you!

Top perfume trend 2022: power, strength, self-confidence

One thing is the focus of the fragrances this year: the perfume trends for 2022 should radiate strength. The wearer shows her self-confident side and radiates it. This is underlined by exceptional scents. Scents for confident women to try include:

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Baccarat Rouge 540 (musky, gender-neutral aroma via a heady mix of woody amber florals)

Le Labo - Santal 33 (a heady blend of sandalwood, cardamom, leather accord, iris, and ambrox)

Penhaligon’s - The Uncompromising Sohan (dry and confident notes of pepper rose, vetiver and oud)

Happy shopping!

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