How to Choose a Handbag in 2022: 5 Questions to Ask

How to Choose a Handbag in 2022: 5 Questions to Ask

A woman can never have enough handbags. Statistically, a woman owns two to six handbags. A handbag is an accessory that says a lot about its owner. Choosing a handbag for yourself or someone else should be made as thoroughly as possible – never skimp on this important purchase. The amount of time invested in choosing a handbag for everyday use pays off in full.

Tip: If you buy a handbag as a gift, it is better to attach a check to it if the bag does not like its new owner.

In this article, we are going to share five essential questions to ask yourself when choosing a handbag in 2022.

Question #1: What is the bag for?

If you plan to choose a handbag for everyday use, then it is better to choose such materials as genuine leather or thick fabric? If the handbag is needed only for going out, you can prefer less functional materials and choose a handbag with bright finishes.

When you choose an everyday bag in 2022, you can keep the outside basic and lining bright and eye-catching. Many top brands make lining very exciting. If you look good, dress smart, and only buy accessories, your handbag lining should be in good order. Plus, it makes looking inside your bag a pure pleasure.

Question #2: Is the bag big enough?

When you choose a handbag for every day, you should pay attention to the size. A bag should contain a wallet, a bunch of keys, sunglasses, a pack of chewing gum, a glass of aspirin, a pen, and other things that may be necessary for every day. An evening bag can be significantly smaller simply because you have far fewer things to carry.

How to choose handbag size is a matter of personal preference. At the same time, your handbag in 2022 should be as compact as possible, because whatever the trend, we are women, for whom every attribute should be small and elegant.

No one will dispute that an everyday bag should be prominent on the inside and small on the outside. But how small? It would be impossible to give a single recommendation to petite girls and tall ladies. So stick to the golden rule when you choose a handbag: height divided by 4. This is not just a limit, after which the selection looks grotesque and even aggressive.

Question #3: How long is the bag strap?

If a special occasion handbag can easily do without a strap, an everyday bag should have a comfortable wide handle that's long enough to carry the bag on your shoulder. Choose a bag in 2022 that’s easier to carry rather than hold in your hands.

Question #4: How many compartments and pockets does it have?

A large internal compartment can look convenient, but it is simply impossible to keep your belongings in such a bag in order.

How to choose a handbag in 2022 for work? The nature of the separate compartment for the laptop deserves special attention because many women work remotely “on the go” and are inextricably linked to their gadgets. Few women want to carry a separate briefcase. Similarly, if you're going to carry a folder with the documents, that’s an anachronism. Choosing a handbag that’s big enough for your papers is very easy today.


Question #5: How well does it fit my body?

Before you wonder how to choose a handbag in 2022, you need to try several models of bags. As usual, putting the bag on your shoulder, you need to look in the mirror. This way, you can ensure that the bag fits nicely on the shoulder and hip line.

Speaking of the style, a look into the archives is a frequently used and popular inspiration for designers for the new handbag trends in 2022, and it was used by many large fashion houses for the upcoming season. Could it be a lockdown effect? Either way, some re-launched classics were seen on the runways for 2022. At Gucci, for example, the "Jackie" bag, Louis Vuitton gave the "Speedy" a new look, and Chanel launched the "11.12", a bag that is strongly reminiscent of their classic models.

How important is the price when you buy a handbag in 2022?

Of course, shortchanging on a bag is not the right decision. But to give a monthly salary for an everyday thing you hardly want: there are numerous no less exciting and necessary weaknesses of women, which also require expenses.

Still, durability and reliability come at a price. Even if nobody plans a considerable investment for several seasons at once, a shoulder strap torn at the most inopportune moment, a jammed zipper, or frayed handles make none of us happy. High-end, designer handbags will serve you for many years to come, and you will enjoy every moment of owning them.

What about the color when buying a handbag in 2022?

A classic solution, which our grandmothers still adhered to, is a white or light beige handbag for the summer, black - for the cold season. Even many well-known fashion designers allow the relaxation of this rule only in favor of beige and gray tones which makes it easy on how to choose a handbag color. 

So if you're not 55+ and your status and position don't oblige you to adhere to strict norm rules, you should take a closer look at the options:

  • Brown, from the lightest to the darkest chocolate
  • Blue: a light blue for the summer and a darker one for the cold season
  • Soft shades of pink or pistachio
  • Muted reds, burgundies, even dirty purples
  • The lightest or darkest shades of green

When choosing a handbag colour for your everyday handbag in 2022, there’s only one recommendation: Avoid bright, flashy colors so that everything is harmonious and appropriate.

Summary: How should you choose a handbag in 2022?

Therefore, here’s a list of things on how to choose a handbag in 2022:

  • Comfortable handles: even when sitting in the office or driving in the car.
  • Shoulder strap: it cannot be the only option – the chosen model has long handles;
  • Comfortable yet secure external closures - you can't beat the zip.
  • There are several compartments: no more rummaging inside the bag where everything is stuck together.
  • Inner pockets, including zips.

Finally, don't go for the no-frills version, even if you like it: As is well known, appetite comes with eating, so the more you look at our selection of handbags for 2022, the more valuable features you’ll be adding to your must-have list.


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