A little about women's bags and about us women

A little about women's bags and about us women

Perhaps no modern woman can do without a bag. A handbag for us women is a real lifesaver. It has a place for many necessary gizmos, a wallet, a comb and other very, very necessary things.

When choosing a bag, we always imagine how it will be combined with clothes and shoes.

Who among us can go to work without a bag? It's just impossible! If you have to go out, again you will need a handbag, albeit a very small one, but there will still be a place for the necessary little things in it.

In stores, we are pleased with the abundance of this product for every taste and budget. And, you see, it is difficult to imagine that women's bags in their modern form appeared not so long ago.

The forerunner of bags is the pocket. But in the beginning it was pouches. They were not sewn into clothes, they were worn on a thin belt - women under a skirt, men - over their pants. In outerwear, unsewn cuts were left at the seams for access to pockets. Pouch pockets were sewn from white linen, but unlike undershirts and skirts, they were decorated with embroidery and decorative stitching. Sometimes satin and velvet were used to decorate pockets.

After the appearance of pockets, women began to actively develop the bag idea. There were small handbags-bags in which women of fashion kept small items. Such handbags were made of velvet and lace, decorated with beads and glass beads. Handbags at that time were called "pompadour" in memory of the famous mistress of the French king Louis XV.

Women's handbags quickly became fashionable. Bags-pouches were replaced by a rectangular handbag with pocket compartments, then travel bags appeared - suitcases with many accessories for various small items.

In the 19th century, shatelins appeared - small bags that were attached to the belt with a special hook.

Bags were made of leather, velvet, canvas, tapestry, brocade.

The pouches gradually turned into fashionable, much-needed accessories: handbags on a short chain. These small handbags were popular until the 19th century. Not very comfortable thin chains and laces were transformed into small straps, handbags at that time resembled a modern clutch.

Since the 19th century, bags from the belt and wrist have been moved to the hand and shoulder of the fair sex.

In the 20th century, the clutch became very popular.
At the end of the 20s of the XX century. trendsetter Coco Chanel gave women the opportunity to wear reticules and tube bags, throwing them over their shoulders, as the handbags had a long chain. A quilted handbag on a jersey and silk chain was also invented by Coco Chanel. At first, this accessory was intended for the evening, but soon such handbags began to be made from lamb skin and fashionable women could wear them during the day.

Imagine, it turns out, you can determine the preferences, tastes, mood of a woman by her bag!

Large roomy bags are chosen by practical women who need to carry a lot of necessary items with them. Usually such young ladies are energetic and strong-willed, excellent housewives, but sometimes they forget to pay attention to themselves.

Girls who prefer miniature, elegant handbags are usually very well-groomed, since appearance means a lot to them. The mistress of a small handbag devotes more time to herself than to work.

Women who have the gift of manipulating men, organized and thoughtful persons, prefer an envelope bag.

Ladies adhering to the classical style] love black bags.

Bright bags are preferred by explosive, active personalities.

Bags of muted shades are chosen by purposeful prudent natures. They are well versed in fashion trends, they know how to emphasize their individuality.

A bag of pastel colors will be acquired by a soft, kind representative of the female half. Such women and girls are wonderful wives, good friends.

But the character of a lady can be judged not only by the appearance of the handbag, but also by the internal contents of this accessory.

A punctual, pedantic person has all things in exemplary order, in the compartments intended for them. This speaks of discipline and organization, the reliability of the hostess.

A creative, dreamy person usually has all the items in her purse in a mess. But it turns out it's not so bad! Such young ladies always find a new way to solve problems that arise!

A huge number of things in the bag indicates an unprotected nature, trying to foresee all unforeseen situations. It's not scary. With the accumulation of life experience, handbags will gradually “lose weight”.

Romantic, careless young ladies keep used tickets, several pens and notepads, old unnecessary keys, coupons, torn buttons, even candy wrappers in their bags!

Well-bred, responsible, conservative ladies carry a bag by the handle.

An economic woman wears a bag on her elbow, a shy and insecure woman on her shoulder, a self-confident, independent woman likes to carry a bag, holding it by the corner, active natures throw the bag strap over her head.

A responsible, reserved girl will hold her bag under her arm.

Backpacks behind the back like to wear energetic, inquisitive nature.

Of course, there is a change of mood, life experience is accumulated, so the manner of wearing handbags, preference for models, color schemes change over time.

A bag is a kind of business card of a woman, completing her image, making it unique. This accessory is worthy so that its appearance and internal condition are always on top!

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