Elegant handbag - How to choose a perfect handbag - 11 tips to choosing a right handbag

11 Tips For Choosing The Best Bag For Your Needs

looking for a new bag? And still a bit haphazard about which piece of jewelry should become the new favorite bag? The selection is huge and the choice is difficult, we know that. That's why we've put together 10 tips for buying a bag that should help you find the right bag.

Before choosing a new bag, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. What should the bag be able to do?

Before you buy, think about when and where you want to carry the bag. Should it be a model for university, leisure, office or rather for parties? Does the bag have to fulfil practical aspects or should it be a trend bag that attracts attention?

2. Which bag suits my style?

It is important that the bag fits your own style. Whether sporty, trendy or classic - your style should also be reflected here. There are classic bag shapes such as the handle bag, the shopper or the shoulder bag, but there are also modern shapes such as the pouch bag with a drawstring.

Maybe the hip trend of the belt bag would be something for you? Decide for yourself what suits you!

3. What material should the bag have?

Whether leather bag, fabric bag, recycling bag or vegan bag, there is a huge selection of bags. First ask yourself the following questions: How important is the material to me? Do certain materials suit me and my lifestyle better?

Also note, for example, that leather needs to be cared for and is a bit more delicate than a cloth bag. In addition to your own requirements, the purpose for which the bag is to be used, your own style also plays a role.

4. How much money do I want to spend?

Do you have a fixed budget for the new bag? Certain materials could be mutually exclusive here. A bag made of fine cowhide, for example, is more expensive than a bag made of canvas, nylon or polyester. With an idea of ​​price in mind, you can narrow down your choices a bit.

5. How big does the bag have to be?

Think about what you need to take with you. Should A4 documents fit in the bag or is it more about smaller everyday things such as wallets, smartphones, handkerchiefs and the like? What do I absolutely need and what can I do without? From bags in XS to XXL, there is everything to choose from.

6. Does the bag fit my height?

Apart from the things that have to be transported in the bag every day, the bag size should be selected in proportion to the body size so that the overall picture is right. Even if XL formats are popular, a small woman should rather use a small to medium bag size. In addition, it is easy on the back.

7. What kind of wearing style do I want?

A bag can be carried in the crook of the arm, on the shoulder or as a cross body bag. However, many handbags are true quick-change artists: Thanks to the shoulder strap supplied, the handbag can also be used as a practical shoulder bag. Just think about which variant you prefer for your new bag.

8. Am I the multi-subject or one-major type?

In addition to a large main compartment, a bag can have many inner compartments, small slide-in or zipped compartments or patch front pockets. Depending on your preferences, this can be very helpful. Perhaps a key loop is also extremely important to you? Then be sure to pay attention to this when buying.

9. Do I also need certain functions?

Does your new bag need to have certain functions? A bag can do a lot, starting with a trolley attachment function, a separate rain cover, an adjustable waist belt and a padded laptop compartment. Some bags even have solar-powered batteries for charging your gadgets. You should only be aware of what you want from your new darling before you buy it.

10. Do I want to change bags from summer to winter?

Some bag styles have all-season appeal. For example, bucket bags, these squishy medium-sized trend pieces in the form of a basket with a drawstring, are definitely not missing out this year. Thanks to their versatility, they remain a must-have for autumn.

Same goes for our tried-and-tested beach bag that can come with us in early autumn, because storage space is always good in everyday life. In summer, a bath towel, flip flops and bikini fit in, and in autumn an ​​extra cozy jacket and hat.

11. What does my gut feeling say?

In the end, you should listen to your gut feeling. If you like a bag and at least the majority of the wishes and requirements for a bag are fulfilled, then you should buy it. Sometimes love counts at first sight...

By the way, there is no such thing as ONE bag. A woman can definitely use and own more than one bag. Depending on the occasion, the pocket companion must also be adapted.

Unfortunately, a bag is often forgotten when putting together an outfit. It is one of the most important accessories. What good is a perfectly coordinated outfit if the bag doesn't match?

Another personal tip from me: every woman should have at least two bags. It is important to have a bag for everyday use and an evening bag for parties and celebrations. It would be best if you chose the shoes in the same tone as the bag, if possible also matched the belt to it, then the overall picture should be right.

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